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Are you looking for 20w uv sterilizer for 500 lph Ro plant? Candour RO system is known for manufacturing of all types of Ro system and its components. 20 w uv sterilizer is a best product to install in 500 lph Ro system. Made in SS 304 with 1/2" inout is equipped with Philips ultraviolet light known for killing all types of bacteria and viruses. Our uv sterilizer are Made as ready to plug and holds sufficient pressure of water purifier. For further details please contact us
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We have one of the best High TDS membrane for Ro system. Membrella is a 80 gpd dry Membrane specially Made for water from 500 TDS to 4000 TDS. Membrella Membrane gives you 95-97% TDS rejection and average flow is 12 lph. This is one of the best Ro Membrane in his segment.
See what customers say about MEMBRELLA Membrane! Before you buy any product , it's advisable to see reviews of that product. Here we are sharing some videos of customers who bought our high TDS Membrane MEMBRELLA and quite satisfied.
Are you looking for prefilter housing? Are you looking for plastic housing for Ro system? We are one of best quality manufacturer of all types of Ro components and prefilter housing . We use fresh virgin polypropylene Raw material for manufacturing of housing. For pic and description please visit our website
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Are you looking for Ro Membrane? Are you looking for best High TDS membrane for Ro system? If you are looking for good Membrane for your Ro system , your search ends here. MEMBRELLA membrane is designed to work on High TDS water. Our high TDS Membrane works upto 4000 TDS and gives you flow of appx 12 lph. Our high TDS Membrane is a 80 gpd dry Membrane and appx Life is 12-18 months depending upon the water quality of feed Water. So try our high TDS MEMBRELLA Membrane to get Pure and healthy Water.